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Do you want to sell our products in your business?

We pride ourselves on bringing you excellent products made by people who love their dogs. Why should our dog settle for less?

Woof Cosmetics is proud of its commitment and respect towards animals and their companions. We select top-quality ingredients, with a formulation that nourishes the coat, and irresistible fragrances that are gentle enough for our sensitive furry friends.

In addition our packaging  is incredibly attractive and eye-catching.

If you are a retailer and are interested in selling our range of products, contact us at 514-940-2555. We also have a distributor for our products: Produits pour animaux Yamas.

Do you have a grooming salon?

Our grooming products are free from harsh chemicals are rich in nutrients, and smell sublime!

Our ultra gentle shampoo cleanses and deodorizes deeply and gently. Its exclusive complex of ingredients derived from plants, essential oils and oat extract, makes the coat suppler and shinier without drying or irritating the skin. Our formula is so gentle that your hands will no longer suffer from irritation from frequently washing pets all day long. Our shampoos, conditioners, perfumes and our ear cleanser are available in large sizes. Our shampoo foams well, rinses off easily, is ideal for sensitive skin and will leave an incredible dog scent that your customers will love.

If you own or work in a grooming salon and are interested in using or selling Woof Cosmetics line, just contact us. We also have a distributor for our products: Produits pour animaux Yamas.

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